DIY: Silhouette Wall Decor

On Saturday I posted a picture of Brody's Silhouette for The Paper Mama's photo challenge.  Here is why I took the photo in the first make this:
It's a simple (and fairly cheap) DIY fabric silhouette and I'm loving it on my wall.  It reminds me of the silhouettes my mom has of me and my brothers.

Here is what you need:
  1. Blank Canvas (I used and 8"x10")
  2. Patterned (or solid) fabric of your choice
  3. Felt fabric
  4. Staple gun and staples
  5. Tiny scissors
  6. Heat 'n Bond Lite
  7. Pencil
  8. Dry iron (or just dump out the water and turn off the steam setting on your iron)

Here is what you do:

Take a profile shot of your little cutie with a digital camera and download it to your computer.  Use an editing software to create a silhouette photo by adjusting the threshold.  I used Picasa/Picnik.  Click here to view a video tutorial.
Iron the Heat 'n Bond Lite onto the felt.  Print out the photo to the size of your liking.  Place your photo on top of the Heat 'n Bond Lite (that is now attached to the felt) and trace over your cutie's profile.
This will leave a very faint outline.  Take a pencil and trace over the outline to make it easier on yourself.  Use your tiny scissors to cut away. 
Peel the Heat 'n Bond off of the felt, leaving it shiny and sticky.  Lay the felt cut-out over the fabric where you would like it to stay and carefully turn the fabric face down so that the silhouette is underneath the fabric.
Run a DRY iron over the fabric so that the Heat 'n Bond adheres more permanently to the fabric.
Then, you are ready to staple the fabric to the canvas with your staple gun.  Staple the long sides first.  Wrap the edges like a present.
And VIOLA! Your wall decor is ready to be hung.

I hung mine in my breakfast nook with two more fabric-covered canvasas and three gorgeous vintage keys I found at an antique shop.

I know it is an odd mixture of brown, black, yellow, and burlap...but I think it helps tie in the kitchen with my new lemon tree and burlap chandelier shades from Pottery Barn.

What do you think???

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Disclaimer: I had the idea but didn't quit know how to pull it off so I googled "fabric silhouette" and found this blog which also gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make this cute wall decor. 


  1. Thank you for stopping by and keeping tabs on us! ;) I have been wanting to do a silhouette for each of my boys. Yours is fantastic!! Love it!! Keeping up with you too! Nice to "meet" you!! :)


  2. Absolutely love it! Wonderful job. Thanks for popping in for a visit at TheDedicatedHouse! Tootles, Kathryn

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