Monster Bash

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I recently began volunteering in UpStreet as a small group leader with kindergartners at our church. It has only been a couple of months since I started leading my small group but I know I have gained so much more from the experience than my kids.  The curriculum we are given to teach each week is so simple but I have found depth in it as it pertains to my life.  It's amazing how we, as adults, can twist such simple concepts and make them complex. I only hope that my kids are taking away something from me each week. 

We have been talking about controlling our inner monsters (i.e. self-control) this month.  The curriculum has been so much fun each week.  Today was KidVenture which is a day for just having fun and building relationships with our kids.  We had a Monster Bash and we all wore crazy monster hair to amp up the fun a few notches.  I thought you guys might enjoy seeing my silly side. :)
The kids had a chance to dress me up as a monster.  This was their creation...
{I covered their faces in the picture as they are not mine to share with the world}
Happy Sunday!

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