Sharp Shooters

Jonathan and I have been blessed with an amazing small group.  We get together most Tuesday nights for a Bible study, but we also quite frequently get together just for the fun of it.  We truly enjoy each others' company and always have a great time.  There are five couples in our group, but we don't always have an entire group. No matter which mix of couples show up though, we always just click.

This past Tuesday night we went to Sharp Shooters, a local gun range, so that the guys could teach us ladies how to handle a gun.  I'd say we all did pretty well considering.....
A couple of the guys decided to show off their one-handed gangster skills, but I think the ladies won "most awesome" for our K2 {is that right?!} skills.
No matter how we shot, we looked like pretty cool chicks in our gear.  {Ha! Yeah, right!}
Seriously though, these girls are a great group of friends to have.  We always have a great time on our girls' nights out.
(L-R) Mary, Tara, Me, Beth, Samantha
And I know Jonathan loves hanging out with the guys too. His favorite memories, if I had to guess, would be at the shooting range this past Tuesday night and our weekend at Lake Rabun last month.
He was completely in his element in the water.  He grew up on the river as his backyard was literally the Indian River in Florida.  He showed us his sick water ski and wake board skills as we all sat back in amazement.  And I have to add...he looked pretty hot! {that's 10 brownie points for me if you are reading this, J!}

We had a great time just sitting in our lifejacket "diapers" in the swimming hole every day.  Oh the interesting conversations I could tell you we had! It was nice to get away and just relax with a group of friends. 

A couple of nights we drove the boat to dinner.  There is nothing like getting all dressed up and stepping onto a boat to "drive" to dinner. Oh that is the life!!!
The group---minus Mike and Beth.  We missed you guys!
Yes, we are truly blessed with a great small group and a wonderful group of friends.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

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