You're Beautiful, Mommy!

There are special moments in life that I hope I remember until the day I die.  This is one of them...

Yesterday was a lazy afternoon. We hadn't made any plans with friends or family, and we put our "to-do" lists on hold.  I neglected my hair and skipped the make-up, choosing instead to wear my PJ's.  Jonathan and I snuggled on the couch as Brody played with his cars and we all watched a movie on TV.  A commercial caught Brody's attention.  It was advertising diamonds and portrayed a little boy watching his mom put on some jewelry.  He looked at his mom and said, "You're beautiful, Mommy." 

When the commercial had ended Brody turned to look at me, with a sweet little twinkle in his eyes, and said, "You're beautiful, Mommy! You're so beautiful, Mommy!" 

My heart melted. {literally, I think.}


Mommies out there, I hope you find encouragement in this post.  Whether you have on a t-shirt smeared with food, baggy sweatpants, or skipped on the make-up doesn't matter to your child. I guarantee he/she thinks you are beautiful. So give yourself a break sometimes!


This afternoon, Jonathan was paying me a sweet compliment as well.  It made me smile, but I had to confess to sweet of a husband as he is, his endearments could never quite make me feel as special as Brody did yesterday.

I love my boys!


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I L.O.V.E each and every comment. Keep them coming!


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