All aboard! {The Poo-Poo Potty Train}

One of the very first times I "Poured My Heart Out" with Shell from Things I Can't Say, I wrote my gloomiest post to-date.  For those of you that don't remember, I wrote about how I felt like a Potty Training Prisoner.

That post was written two and half months ago, when I first began actively potty-training Brody. That was truly one of the hardest things I have ever done {pathetic, I know} as it required a lot of patience {something I have in limited supply} and a lot of Lysol {something I learned quickly to stock up on}.

All the bruises {from sitting on a wooden stool} and gagging {from cleaning up pee-pee around the toilet} was worth it. Even though it felt like 6 years at the time, it actually only took 6 weeks.  That's right. As of one month ago, my little diaper-bottom baby became an undie-wearing big boy!

He is officially potty-trained, wearing underwear all day, every home and in public {the process of getting him to use public bathrooms is a whole 'nother story for another time}.  He does still wear diapers for naptime and bedtime, but I don't anticipate him growing out of that for awhile {he's barely two}.  But even when he's wearing diapers to sleep he is still wearing underwear.....He gets upset if we don't put undies on top of his diaper. I guess he feels like a big boy now and diapers are too degrading. Ha!

Here's the problem though.....

He isn't doing his "business" throughout the day.  He used to be a very busy little meetings 5-6 times a day.  Now, he waits all day and has one big meeting late at night, after we put his diaper on. {Are you following?}

I'm not fully complaining because this means I only have to "empty the trash" at his office once a day instead of 5-6 times a day. However, I would like to see him comfortable presenting his pie charts to the Porcelain Goddess. {Okay, now I've gone too far!}

Before I quit my job, I was explaining the situation to one of my kiddos. We will call her "M" due to patient confidentiality. M came up with a great idea.  She decided to make a Poo-Poo Potty Train Chart for Brody.

The idea is that every time Brody poops in the potty he will get a sticker to put inside one of the train's cargo cars, starting with the top train.  Once he fills up a train, the train stops at a station and Brody gets to enjoy the reward at each one.  The stations are as follows:
  1. Pizza and a Movie Station {Brody gets to hang out with Mommy and Daddy, watching a movie while eating pizza}
  2. Ice Cream Station {We take Brody to get ice cream...or more likely fro-yo at Brain Freeze, our newest obsession since taking him to celebrate his second birthday there}
  3. Doggie Petting Station {We take Brody to the local pet store to play with the puppies}
  4. Mall Choo-Choo Station {We take Brody to ride the train in our mall}
  5. Zoo Station {We take Brody to the Zoo}
  6. Airplane Station {We take Brody to Loop Road at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to look at all the planes}
  7. Brody Choo-Choo Choose Station {Brody gets to choose which of the activities he wants to do again}
I thought it was a clever idea M had and she was very sweet to make the chart for him.  I know it took her hours as this is not an easy task for her.  I love her even more for it!  If you are reading this, M....THANK YOU!

So we will see how well this works.  The poster is taped {yes, I know it looks silly but painter's tape is all I had to work with} to the wall in the bathroom, right in front of Brody's potty so that he can visualize the reward while he tries so hard to get back to regular business. :)

Two Quick Reminders:
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  1. Oh. My. God. How I HATE potty training! I was laughing at your office analogies though. Hope this works for you.

  2. this is an awesome idea. We had trouble with meetings here, too. It seems they are daunting. We'd rather hide out than attend. And we've been "training" or "trained" for nearly a year. Thankfully, this is where working mama helped immensly because daycare teacher has far more patience and adherence to schedules than I.

    The end is near, he'll be conducting meetings like a CEO in no time.

  3. New follower here :) LOVE the choo choo train! What a fabulous idea! I'm not exactly looking forward to potty training my daugher within the next year or so

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