I created an alphabet matching game for Brody and it only cost me $1.25! Here's how:

  • Brody and I went to Dollar Tree last week and purchased a poster board ($0.25) and alphabet flash cards ($1). 
  • I gathered scraps of scrapbook paper from previous projects and used my Cricut to cut out each letter of the alphabet. (Free!)
The idea was to have him match up the letters from the flash cards to the letters on the poster board.
I had him tell me what letter was on the flash card first to assure he knew the name of each one, then had him match it to the board.  He had so much fun with this game, and we will most definitely be playing it again.  He can say the entire alphabet and can name the majority of the letters by reading them, but there are still a few he struggles to remember. I'm hoping this game will help him with letter recognition. Either way, he has fun learning and that makes us both happy!

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  1. Brody, you're so smart! I love your teachable spirit! You have an awesome and very creative mom who loves bringing the best out of you.

  2. What a great idea! I love how colorful and eye catching the letters are!

  3. Great idea. My nephew would love something like this.


  4. Great idea! I love things like this for my son; we're doing preschool at home. Thanks a million for linking up at One Artsy Mama!


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