Don't Tell Me No!

In my experience, little boys are sugar and spice
and MOSTLY nice.
Brody is two. {Need I say more?} Like every other two year old in the world, he is experimenting with telling his Mommy and Daddy, "No."

Our usual response to him is, "Don't tell me no!"

So about a week or so ago, Brody began a very bad habit.  Whenever we tell him "No" to something he now says, "Don't tell me no."

He does it with a cute little grin on his face and a tiny toddler giggle that makes it hard not to smile right back at him and scoop him up for some snuggles.  He doesn't understand why we can tell him "No," but he can't do the same. 

So I usually hold my hand over my mouth and quickly look away while I muster together my best serious face.  Then I give him the intense Oh no you didn't look that God equipts every mommy with on the day her child is born. 

He gets the point my face is making. At least until the next day...

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  1. Pah! That is so funny, Lauren! Kids sure pick up on things, don't they?


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