Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my mom is? Well, she is. I'm pretty sure she is the best. She's the one that came up with the idea for Christmas in October this year...which has been a hit as far as I can tell from all the feedback you guys have given me!

She also came up with the idea for us to take Brody to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney this past Thursday night.  This was Brody's first trip to Disney World, and it was my first time celebrating Halloween with a big mouse. It was also Brody's first time riding any sort of amusement park ride.  Yes, the night was epic.

Sadly, the night was also dark AND filled with vivid lights.  "Sad" because I just don't have enough experience with my camera to know how to take the amazing pictures I was hoping for of Brody's first time at the Magic Kingdom.

On top of being sentimental, I'm a photo junkie...I wanted more and I wanted better quality! These were the only salvageable shots I took that night.
Riding the train to Magic Kingdom

Brody's free ride {from Wynni} to the castle

Ahh! Lot's of pumpkins!

Mickey's "Boo To You" Halloween Parade

Brody's very 1st ride...It's a Small World.  He was mesmerized.

My all-time favorite ride...Peter Pan. Though I didn't remember it being so short!

Waiting in line for the Winnie The Pooh ride.

Brody was very unhappy when he had to get off of Winnie The Pooh.  He was clutching onto the safety bar trying his best to keep JimPop from taking him off.
The Tigger my mom bought for him to make him forget he had to get off the ride. Call me a bad parent, but I think it's okay to spoil your child a little at Disney World. It's a magical place, right?!

The Tea Cups.  The boys enjoyed this one while us girls watched from the sidelines. {We are prone to motion sickness}

My favorite boys and my favorite picture of the night.
The only family pictures we took that night. I'm so bummed! I can't blame my parent's though....if I can't figure out how to take a good night picture with my camera, how can I expect them too?!

So I'm begging all of you...how do you take good night pictures with your DSLR???

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