An Af{FAIR} to Remember

This past Sunday night my parents and I took Brody to a local fair.  It was a fundraiser for a private school, so it was small....which was perfect for a certain little two year old I know {and love}.  

I was so thankful that Brody is tall for his age {around the 90th percentile} because he just barely met the 36" requirement for all the kiddie rides.  Oh how terrible that would have been to tell Brody he couldn't ride anything after getting him all hyped up! 
He rode the "Nemo" ride first.  All by himself. And loved every minute of it. 
Then he jumped into a banana and peeled off. {wha wha wha}
Before we knew it he was twirling in the tea cups.  {He was basically a pro at this ride because he had some practice only a few nights before at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.}
Then it hit him. He just couldn't wait any longer.  He had to ride the big school bus he had been eyeing from the moment we entered the parking lot.
 Since it was a big boy ride {and he wasn't tall enough to ride alone on this one}, he enlisted JimPop's company.
While he had my dad's assistance, he jumped on the nearest helicopter and flew away....
...Only to land in a construction zone where he was put to work on a front end loader.  There was a little girl in line behind him that begged her mommy to sit her next to Brody. 
She had an obvious crush on my little heart-breaker.  They were chatting the whole time. 
But even though Brody was digging the conversation {I could tell by the way he was using his hands to converse}, he soon realized he had given her the wrong impression as she leaned in to try and kiss him.  He just leaned away and kept his eyes on the road.
When the ride stopped, he made a run for it and we took a Cotton Candy Break.

After realizing that someday a young lady would snatch my little man in the blink of an eye and take him away forever, I decided to have some fun Mommy and Brody time while I still can.  We snuggled up on a burlap sack and raced down the humongous slide.

The fair was my favorite part of this trip {so far}.  We all had so much fun.  And if the pictures don't portray the fun we had, you can get the video footage from Brody's Wynni!


  1. This, too, is my most favorite thing we have done so far with Brody since you've been here this time! He was such a big boy to want to ride those kiddie rides by himself! The cutest of all was when he and that little girl rode the front-end loaders together and chatted the entire time. Oh, how I would love to know what they were chatting about!

  2. Oh my gosh!!
    Your little man, looked SO amazingly adorable in those shades! I LOVE the picture of him in the airplane! & of coarse the ones of him and the girl on that one ride. Too cute!

  3. How fun, Lauren! And I love the pic of you and Brody together :)

  4. I loved the whole story! I feel like I went with you! Thw pic of him chattin up the little lady is priceless. Eyes on the road Brody..eyes on the road.


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