Kiddo Krafts {Thankful Turkey}

Even though we have been stuck in a hotel all week, we managed to get a little creative today.  Brody made a "Thankful Turkey" using one foot, both hands, some paint, googley eyes, and a thankful heart.

We talked about what it means to be thankful and I gave him examples of what I am thankful for.  He acted like he understood until I asked him what he was thankful for.  He just looked at me.  {He's only 2--I wasn't surprised} So I asked, "Are you thankful for{fill in the blank}?"   And that is how we decided upon his Thankful Turkey's feathers. 

In my experience it is never to early to begin explaining the hard stuff.  You never know when the light bulb will go off. 

He may not understand what it means to be thankful just yet, but at least he knows what a turkey says now. :)

{Gobble Gobble Gobble!}
Yes, his big toe is the turkey's Wattle {and yes, I had to google what that red thing was called}

I'm loving this Toddler Treasures Thursday! I will have many great masterpieces to look back on when Brody is older. That's pretty exciting to a sentimental Momma like me. :)

Feel free to link up if you want to party like a toddler.  Please, just grab a button to let everyone know whose crib you're partying at!
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  1. Wonderful colors. Beautiful composicions with the pattern, I wish you a happy weekend.

  2. Cool picture and I to would have had to google what the red part is called ;)

  3. I love this idea! We have our own Thankful Turkey, but it's not from handprints...I think I like yours better, lol. Just wait till next year when he's 3 and talking non-stop like my Little Crafter is. It's really fun when they can tell you all they're thankful for. We play the 'thankful game' when we eat meals and we just take turns saying things we want to thank Jesus for. Sweet moments. Anyway, so glad you shared this at Shine On Fridays!!

  4. That's adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog & sharing it... will post it to Pinterest so others can see how cute it is :)


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