Oh Snap!shots of the Week {6}

Happily Mother After
If this is your first time linking up you can check out the details about this party here.


Forgive me for being short on words this week. Blogger ate my first draft {right before I went to publish it...UGH!} so I'm writing this post for the second time. Blogger how I loathe {and love} thee!

Let's get right to it.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in last week's party. We had a great turn out and I was impressed by so many of your photos! I feel honored to have some amazing photographers partying here at Happily Mother After. :) 

Last week's "most liked" photo award actually goes to two bloggers this week. 
 Photography by Sarah at Naptime Momtog

Photography by Lisa at The Enlightened Bug

Great photos {and costumes!}, Sarah and Lisa.  Please grab this badge for your blogs!
 Happily Mother After

My favorite photo last week made me literally say "Woah!" out loud when I first saw it.
Photography by Abby at To Touch the Stars

Stunning photo, Abby. Please grab this badge for your blog!
Happily Mother After

Lastly, I couldn't resist featuring the other costumes in last week's party.
Dinosaur by Guillian at Building Bumps {Can you believe she made this?!? Impressive!}
Batman and Robin by Helene at I'm Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor
Pumpkin by Amanda at Lilahbility
Sam I Am by Sarah at Better Together
Scooby Doo byJessica at Dramaticmama

Great costumes, you guys! Please grab this badge for your blogs.
 Happily Mother After
Now on to this week's party!

I'm cheating. We just got back from Florida; so with all the unpacking and cleaning, my camera has acquired a bit of dust this week.

Therefore, my pictures this week are actually from our trip to Florida and were taken two weeks ago. {Gasp, I know. Please forgive me}
 Love him.

 The sunset was gorgeous. And this little ham thought he was posing for GQ!

 The Lifeguard on Duty

There's nothing like playing in dirt for little boys.

Now show me what ya got!
Please, don't forget to visit the other blogs around you and let 'em know you came for a looksie.
{And "like" your favorites}


  1. hehe such a cool dude poser !
    Will be linking up tomoz wih some lovely pics ;)

  2. Love the last shot - what a cutie.

  3. I love those pictures!
    Your little guy is too cute!
    & I LOVE his outfit!!!

  4. I just saw your comment on my pregnant cookies. Oh I so know how it can be. We struggled with fertility, that is part of the reason why my boys are 7 years apart. Three different types of drugs and shots ened up sealing the deal for us. I wish you luck, and I promise if I had a magic cookie, I would send it your way.

  5. What a little dude, he's so cute! Thanks so much for posting my costume : )

  6. Sweet shots of your little guy!

  7. Oh my, he is such a cutie pie. He poses so nicely. I love the sky in the first two shots as well. Thanks for hosting this linky.


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