12 Crafty Days of Christmas {Day 9}: Gingerbread House T-shirt

Welcome to {Day 9} of the 12 Crafty Days of Christmas here at Happily Mother After!

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I am full of giddy again today as I introduce you to {seriously} one of the best blogs I have ever come across.  At little pumpkin grace you will find simple but oh-so-adorable crafts as well as chic and cute party ideas. 

I promise this is a blog you will not want to miss, so check out the following tutorial from Jessica at Little Pumpkin Grace...then I give you permission to head on over to her space and get completely lost in the enchantment of it all!


Hi! I'm Jessica and I'm excited to be guest blogging here today! You can usually find me sharing party ideas, crafts, projects and more over at little pumpkin grace, my family's blog. I'm married to a boy I met in the 8th grade and we have two precious littles, Grace who is 4 1/2 and Hudson who is 2 1/2. I love celebrating all of life's little moments, not just the big ones.

We just had a very fun North Pole Breakfast to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season...here's a little sneak peek and you can read all about it

Today I'm going to share with you how to turn a plain $5 tee into a super cute & girly Christmas applique shirt for a special little girl in your life.

Grab a tee and some fun fabrics - scraps are great for this.
You'll also need some steam-a-seam or similar fusible web, your iron, a button, and some embroidery floss if you want to finish it by hand. You can also use your sewing machine's zig zag stitch to go around the applique if you don't want to do it by hand.Today we're making a gingerbread house, so we need a gingerbread house template. I draw most of my appliques by hand, but.........my little girl is crazy about Lalaloopsies, especially the mini ones, so when she got this one (Bea, the school girl), the package was just the perfect template for a gingerbread house! So that's what we'll be using today.Actually, we'll be using the back side of the mini Loopsie package...see that cute little door? You can use that too for your gingerbread house door or you can draw one by hand, which is what I did. And while you're at it, you can copy the roof too, adding some cute details - this is the fun part, you can make it as you go!Start off by tracing around the template on one side of the Steam-a-Seam sheet (follow the directions on the Steam-a-Seam package to know which side to draw on).Then cut around the gingerbread house on the steam-a-seam sheet leaving a bit of a "seam allowance" HA! - just leave some border all around what you just traced. Place that on the underside of your fabric and then in one step cut out the gingerbread house steam-a-seam sheet & your fabric {this sounds more complicated than it is...once you read the directions on the s-a-s package, it'll all make sense}.

Sorry I didn't take any good pictures of this step - I was working around Hudson's nap! - but when you're done, your gingerbread house will sort of look like this:You can see I drew and cut out two roofs, a candy cane chimney and a little door. I used a manila folder to draw my templates on because it's sturdier than plain paper, but you can draw your pieces on cardstock, construction paper or whatever you have lying around! Trace each of the house pieces on the steam-a-seam and follow the steps above to cut out your fabric pieces.
Once you have everything cut out, you're ready to lay it out on the shirt and fuse it {again the steam-a-seam will have specific directions}. Do one layer at a time. Here I started with the candy cane, followed by the house, then the two roofs, and finally the door.
When you have all the pieces fused onto your shirt, it will look like this: {and yes, I switched t-shirts halfway through because I liked how the fabrics looked against a white tee vs. the blue polka dot tee} You're now ready to either stitch around the applique using a zig zag stitch on your machine or finish it by hand using embroidery floss. I like the little extra oomph hand embroidery adds, so that's what I usually go with. I like DMC floss and I use 3 of the 6 floss strands that come bundled together as one. Just pull 3 little strands of floss, thread your embroidery needle and you're ready to go! Simply go all around the applique using a basic straight stitch......and in no time you'll have this!Here's a close-up...I think next time I'll use white embroidery floss around the roofs so it looks more like "snow" :)Add a cute pair of knee socks...and you're all set!Such a cute & easy way to transform a plain tee for a special little girl in your life! Or a little boy...just switch out the gingerbread house for a gingerbread boy!!Thanks for letting me share with you today! Stop by {my blog} for more tutorials and party ideas!

Merry Christmas!


Seriously, are you guys impressed or what? How cute is this shirt for the special little princess in your life?!  If you decide to use this tutorial to make a similar shirt I'd love for you to share the link with the rest of us.

Jessica, you are a girl after my own heart! I love your blog. I love your crafts. I love your parties. I love it all! Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial with all of us today! 
{And I must add...your model is too cute!}

Be sure to check back tomorrow for {Day 10} of the 12 Crafty Days of Christmas series.  


I L.O.V.E each and every comment. Keep them coming!


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