Our Top 11 Moments of 2011

Inspired by our 2010 Christmas card, I decided to make a short and simple list of our most memorable moments of 2011 {in chronological order}....

1. Brody won the battle and gave up his Binky!

2. We traded the Durango for the Murano.  My brother, Josh, traded us the Durango for my {2 door} Honda Civic the day before we delivered Brody so that we would have a more practical car for our growing family.  When the Durango began progressively breaking down this past year, he traded us the Murano for the Durango.  I'm a blessed sister!
Our first and last days driving the Dodge Durango. Thank you, Josh!
3. Brody {with some help from JimPop} caught an Atlanta Braves baseball during batting practice.

4. Brody went on his first train ride and loved every minute of it.

5. We celebrated Brody's 2nd Birthday with a Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo Express party.

6. We took Brody to see his first movie in the theater. {Cars 2, of course}

7. Brody broke out of his crib and is now sleeping in a toddler bed.

8. Praise the Lord!...We survived potty training! { #1 and #2}

9. Jonathan and I left Brody with my parents while we escaped to the lake with some great friends.

10. We took Brody to the Magic Kingdom for the first time in October for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

11. I quit my part-time job and became a SAHM {thinking we were going to be living in South Africa for 6 months}...though we never got to go to South Africa, it remains one of the best decisions I have made to-date.  I get to pour more of myself into my little guy each day.  Plus, we are free to pack up and travel with Jonathan for business at a moment's notice.

And just because I can...I decided to throw in a little bonus moment from 2011 that I wasn't able to share with Jonathan and Brody....

My mom took me to New York City for my birthday! It was my first time in NYC and I can say that I now understand why everyone is so in love with that city.  I can hardly wait to go back.  I haven't blogged about that adventure just yet, but you can be sure it's coming in the weeks to follow. :)

I hope your 2011 was just as memorable, and I am looking forward to an even better 2012! 
Happy New Year!


  1. The famous train was also featured in my recap of 2011- http://dailydelivered.blogspot.com/2012/01/goodbye-2k11.html
    It is SURE to be a great year! I can't wait! Lots of fun stuff in store and I look forward to sharing in it with you! love you!

  2. Wow! Such an awesome year for you! :)
    So jealous about your trip to NYC, I so badly want to experience NYC!!!

  3. Thanks for the 2011 recap and trip down memory lane. It was a very good for the whole family. I especially enjoyed the pic of Brody packing himself in the suitcase. JimPop had the pleasure of keeping BrodyBoy by himself while you and Mom enjoyed NYC. I think I got the better deal....and Brody was introduced to Mickie Dees' breakfast menu, conquered their play gym area, and learned how to impress my old folk McD friends. He also experienced several firsts while in my care- to name one, going #1 in the vertical both inside and outside.....applause please!!!


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