Too Smart for his own {Elf} Britches

So, our Elf on the Shelf was a little late this year.  He just showed up at our house this past weekend.  Of course, we just showed up at our house last week too {we have been out of town since before Thanksgiving}.

So I guess in all fairness, maybe he arrived the day after Thanksgiving, saw we weren't home, and traveled back to the North Pole until we arrived.
Who knows?!

{Last year} was the first year we met our crazy little elf, Alf.  Brody enjoyed waking up to look for Alf each morning, so I was excited to see that Alf finally arrived safely back this year.  I couldn't wait to once again see Brody's excitement each morning as we looked high and low to find Santa's silly little helper.

But, much to my surprise, Brody hasn't had quite the reaction I expected.

Take this morning for example...

As Brody stood at the top of the stairs, he looked down to see Alf perched upon our security system.  To which he replied, "Alf! There he is! There's Alf!"

What's wrong with that reaction?

Nothing is wrong with that reaction.  He was excited. That made me excited!  It's what came out of his mouth when I asked Brody how Alf got down there last night...

"You did it, Mommy."

"Um. What? No, I didn't do it."

"Daddy did it."

" Daddy didn't do it."

"Oh...Alf did it?"

"Yeah, Brody, Alf flew back to Santa last night while you were sleeping to tell him if you were naughty or nice yesterday.  Then he flew back here before you woke up."

I'm still not sure he bought it.  We keep reading him the story and reiterating it throughout the day, but I think he knows something is up.

I never realized how hard it would be make your child believe in the magic of Christmas.  Sheesh! I thought we would be dealing with this sorta thing when he turned 7 or 8 at the earliest.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think my two-year-old would be smart enough to recognize something is up with this whole Santa and his elves gig.

Oh boy...


  1. Your son is so funny thats the sort of thing my daughter does. Like when we were at a restaurant on the weekend and the chef asked her was she looking forward for santa bringing her presents and she said no her papou (grandad in greek) is papou christmas and is bringing her presents. And yesterday she said are you getting me a leapfrog for christmas and I said if you have been good santa might bring you one she said no mummy I heard you on the phone when you are getting it lol she gave it away she is only 3 but kids listen to everything everyone says so Ive learnt my lesson and have to be careful with what I say around her so I can keep the magic of xmas for her (",)

  2. Hum...could this be the result of one too many Christmas celebrations:) JK! Brody is one smart cookie!


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