I Heart NY

On December 7th I celebrated my 29th birthday.  

My mom and I talked for years about flying up to New York during the Christmas season, but this year we finally did it.  She found some great airline tickets that she couldn't pass up and treated me to The Big City for my birthday!

After one very long and frustrating day in the airport {due to the airline's incompetency}, we finally arrived in NY where we were greeted at the hotel by my brother, Josh, and his GF, Anna.

I can't seem to find a way to share in words the excitement of the trip, so I figure I'll just share the pictures I took with my iPhone. {I was too scared to carry around my DSLR since my lens cap was missing}

We enjoyed walking the streets during the day, browsing in and out of the beautifully decorated shops and taking in the beauty of the surrounding buildings.  We also came across many cartoon characters in the streets, so I decided to get my picture taken with Elmo and Cookie Monster.  Brody loves to scroll through the pictures in my phone so I knew he'd get a kick out of seeing his mommy with the characters from Sesame Street.

Central Park was gorgeous and I am dying to go back there when the weather is warmer so that I can bike, run, or walk around the entire park.

The City was beautiful during the day, but once night fell and the Christmas lights filled the streets, our excitement reached a whole new level.

My mom and I trekked our way to Rockefeller Center, through the unbelievable crowds, three seperate occasions trying to see the 74' tree all lit up.  The first time was before sun set so the lights had yet to come on.  The second time was around midnight, and they had already turned the lights off for the night.  {Isn't that crazy?!} So finally, on our third attempt, we beheld the sight we had waited so long to see.

It was definitely a sight I wouldn't have wanted to miss.

But my TOP 3 MOMENTS in NYC were as follows:

1. Spending time with Josh and Anna.  It was short {only a day} but special since I rarely get to see them.

 2. The Empire State Building.  We arrived at the perfect time. The sun was setting on the horizon, leaving a rainbow of colors over the city on one side....

...And on the other side, a blood red moon emerged through the darkness of night.

It was AH-mazing! 

3. But my absolute favorite memory of NY was on Broadway.  My mom and I happened to be in the right place at the right time and scored two tickets on the 10th row to a SOLD-OUT show...the #1 show on Broadway...Wicked!

It was unbelievably GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!  And, to top it off, I just happened to run into Chandra Lee Schwartz {who played Glinda, the "good" witch} as she was leaving behind the theatre.  She was sweet enough to give this geek her autograph and a picture with her. :)

Yes, my first trip to NY was something I will never forget.  Thank you, Mom, for an awesome birthday present!

{And next time I will be sure to have a lens cap with me so that I can take some better quality photos with my Canon!}


  1. Hi Lauren! We share the same birthday!

    I love Elmo, so yeah, wish I could have been in your shoes in that photo. :D

  2. Lauren! I am so jealous. I haven't been to NYC in years. Your pictures look like you had an awesome time!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  3. I am super impressed that those pics were all taken on your iphone! Good job friend!

  4. I'm also impressed with the pics, given they were taken with your iPhone. Glad your birthday was a very special one...a memorable one.....couldn't happen to a more special person! Love ya! Dad


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