A {Johnson} Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
A creature was stirring; twas a large hairless mouse.

He scuttled and hurried to get the job done
For Christmas was near and his son needed fun.
Brody was nestled all snug in his bed,
While the mouse sat there scratching his bald little head.
And I with my Canon- snapping away,
Couldn't wait to see Brody's face the next day.

When morning arrived and the sun shone its light,
His little feet hurried down a carpeted flight.
When around the corner he spotted the toys,
His face lit up full of wonder and joy.
He knelt down to play with a car loop-the-loop,
Ignoring the others in the same little group.
Santa left a car track, that he might pop the clutch;
Who cares about puzzles and games and such?!
When off in the distance the door bell did ring,
"Santa! It's Santa!" he could not help but sing.
As the door opened slowly, his heart-it stood still.
Santa wasn't there, rather Sessa and Phil.
Now with Sessa and Phil along with JimPop and Wynni,
Our Christmas was anything but tiny or mini.
Though plenty of loved ones were missing that day,
We thought of them fondly while they were away.
Then as preparations for breakfast began,
We each ate a cute little donut snowman.
Sugar and chocolate and some orange candy corn,
Began celebrations for the day He was born.
Eggs, bacon, and biscuits to follow,
The food was so yummy, it was easy to swallow.
There is one delish item I'm not qualified to make,
So I enlisted the hubs to make Christmas pancakes.
We chowed and we chewed 'til no more we could,
Then we shuffled our feet across the hard-wood.
Into the family room we each took a spot.
Under the tree we found the jackpot.
Throughout the morning, joy spread as we gave.
It seemed clothes and gift cards were all the rave.
Then one by one {no we didn't conspire},
Began an impromptu show of attire.
Hours passed by and we tore the last one.
{All but dear Brody...seemed he'd never be done!}
Then off to the kitchen to prepare Christmas dinner;
One thing's for sure, we didn't leave thinner.
That night 'round the table each of us sat,
And read of the story how Christmas begat.
Born of a virgin, innocent and pure
Jesus came down to earth- our only cure.
Mary wrapped him tight in swaddling clothes.
I imagine she cried and kissed his nose.
Then she layed him to rest the only place she was able. 
{Or as Brody would say, "A stanky, stanky stable."}
So to honor our Savior we sang "Happy Birthday;"
And Brody blew out the candle- Oh what an airway!
The tradition is special, it's my favorite one. 
So I passed it down to my sweet little son.
'Though all the excitement, the night had to end,
So we sent him to bed with his little stuffed friends.
But I heard him exclaim, as he ran out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"



  1. What an incredible poem and how it captured our fun Christmas this year! You are truly so talented! Your beautiful poem will make GinGin proud! I guess her poem genes bypassed me and went on to you! And your picture taking ain't bad either!!!! Love you, Jon and Brody very much! ~Mom

  2. Lauren - I adored this post! And singing Happy Birthday to Jesus was my favorite tradition as well. :)

  3. Pum'kin....Mom is right, you are truly gifted...a very creative poem indeed. As I read your poem, I smiled, I laughed out loud, I even teared up... as I read it and remembered a very special Christmas Eve and Morn. I especially loved watching Brody as we all took turns reading the Christmas Story from the Bible..."whodathunk" a 2-1/2 yr old could be that still and engaged? So, I loved your poem...but most of all I loved the feelings and memories it drew from within. So, add the poem writing, along with pictures, to your tradition list...I can't wait until Christmas next. Love, Dad

  4. I'm with Jim Pop! I laughed and cried! What an amazingly sweet poem to capture the amazing Christmas we all had together! Love you girl. You are so talented and you inspire me as a new blogger! Wait, wasn't it me that kicked your butt for waiting so long to post before? Now you're kickin' mine and you're rockin the show!


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