The Lion Is Coming!

Each year I try to find at least one special ornament for Brody.  I keep a list on my computer of what year he received the ornament and the significance of each one.

This year I bought him a lion ornament from Macy's in NYC.

The lion symbolizes the unveiling of Brody's imagination this past year.

Out of nowhere one day he came running into our room yelling, "The lion is coming! The lion is coming!"

This quickly turned into a game we played every day for months {and still play from time to time}.  He will run around the house yelling, "The lion is coming!  Hurry! Hurry! The lion is coming!"  And, reacting as if we have lions roaming through our house all the time, we reflexively scoop him up in our arms, high-tail it out of the room, and find a safe place to hide until the lion is gone.

It wasn't long after the lion arrived at our house that we began hearing other random, imaginative comments fly out of his mouth.

One day he was roaming through my purse when he found a receipt.  He looked it over, studying it ever so carefully.  Then, with a stern look on his face he yelled, "Sixty dollars! Are you serious?!"

I almost died of laughter that afternoon.  To this day, I have no idea how he came up with that statement.  Not once have we ever looked at a receipt and said such a thing.  What a ham, that boy!

Not only do I remember the day he expressed his imagination for the first time, but I can also remember the day his imagination developed even further as he began role-playing with an imaginary friend.  Brody and I were hanging out in a hotel in Lakeland while Jonathan was busy at work.  Brody was pushing Clifford {The Big Red Dog} around the hotel room in a stroller.  I was sitting in the living room when all of a sudden from the bedroom I heard him say {in a child-like voice}, "I wanna go! Can I go?"  Then, with a stern voice he replied, "No! You can't go. You stay here!"

Nothing has made Jonathan and I laugh more than his funny little off-the-wall comments.  We hear them just about daily, and each time it catches us by surprise.  With tears in our eyes, and smiles from ear-to-ear we always look at each other as if to say, We are so blessed! We have the funniest, cutest little man that God has ever made.

I know these stories probably won't strike you as funny as they do Jonathan and I, but I've been dying to document them.  I never want to forget these little moments.  I can still hear his voice and see his little expressions as I remember each one of these stories.  I hope I never forget these "nothing" days that mean everything to this mommy.



  1. 5, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Hold on to those moments! They are such precious memories. I've got a constant supply of daycare kiddo's in that age range and they are so much fun!

  2. I love that boy too. So precious ad special to me. Thanks for sharing even the little stories-they make such big memories in the hearts of those who love him too! Can't wait to watch him grow this year.

  3. That is so cute - I love the lion game!


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