Oh Snap!shots of the Week {14}

Happily Mother After
If this is your first time linking up you can check out the details about this party here.

Thank you so much to everyone who linked up over the past three weeks.  I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a very merry New Year!

Now it's finally back to some normalcy.  Can I get a "whoop! whoop!"  I've been craving normalcy for over a month now.  How about you guys?

So here we are at another Friday--so many new blogs to check out each week.  We always have a few newbies to link up that you've never seen before. I hope you guys are taking advantage of that and checking out other blogs, making friends, sharing tips, and exchanging "followership."  {Is that a word?...Well it is now.}

So let's get on with it...

Last week's most "liked" photo comes from a talented landscape photographer.  She took it inside this time though and shed some holiday light on all of us. Beautiful!

Photography by Emily from Scattered Horizons

Emily, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

My favorite photo from last week's party took my breath away.  Oh how this picture makes me envious!  I want to be right there...wherever that is.
Photography by Pioneer Photography

Pioneer, this badge is just for you!
Happily Mother After

Finally, this week's featured photo comes from a unique blog.  It's a blog published by two friends, one in Portugal and one in California.  Each week they both publish a photo with a specified theme.  The photo they each choose is a surprise to the other just like the rest of us.
Photography by Ana at Sixty-Two Thousand Miles

Ana {and Christian}, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After


There's nothing special about my favorite photo this week...except for the people in it.

Brody and his JimPop {my dad} are the best of buds.  You can see the joy on both of their faces whenever they are together....

And that is all it takes to make this photo my favorite!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay now faithfuls and newbies, show us what you've got in 2012!


  1. This is my first time linking up! I'm a new follower too!

    Love your photo for the week. :o)

  2. Awww. Love your shot

  3. thank you so much for the shout out on sixty-two :) we're going to feature it on our facebook page. thanks a bunch. xxo

  4. Happy to be joining! Love your little blog home. :)

  5. the candle is perfect for New Years

  6. Thank you so much Lauren for hosting such a fun link up and everyone for voting for my photo...I am honored! I love the other photos you chose and your personal photo this week. Such a simple and beautiful moment captured. Thank you for sharing!


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