We celebrated Jonathan's 29th birthday on Friday.  Unfortunately, Jonathan had to work on his special day, so Brody and I took him out to lunch for a little mid-day celebration. We stopped by his office to pick him up and brought him a special little "bouquet" of candy and balloons. 

Then after work his sister and her hubby dropped by our house to go out to dinner with us.  We enjoyed some yummy tapas and great company before heading home to gobble up some delicious cookie cake {a tradition of ours}.
The cake reads "29 and holding on"
It was pretty low key, but that's the way we like it these days.  Although, we are thinking of going a little bigger next year...maybe a cruise to celebrate the big 3-0 since our birthdays are only a month apart???  

We are open to suggestions though....


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) Jonathan!! Let's have another party this week! Funny, I never thought about how we both have such close bdays with our hubbies! AND we'll all be 3-0 next year so yes, it must be BIG! Who knows, maybe you can come visit us in Japan...??

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Jonathan! You guys are so cute!! Love your blog, little lady!

  3. Happy birthday Johnny! Sorry I haven't had a chance to call you guys yet, but I will soon...promise! I love the cruise idea for next year. Missy turns the big three-oh in October, so I'm trying to plan something big without breaking the bank...I'm open to any suggestions as well!


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