My Funny Valentine

Growing up, my mom and dad always had a special treat waiting for each one of us {my brothers and I} on Valentine's Day.  My mom would usually leave her special something for us on our beds and my dad would find a way to give us a special surprise throughout the day.

So the past two years I carried out my mother's tradition, hiding Valentine's surprises in Brody's bed.  And this year, Brody's third Valentine's Day, he still found a special Valentine from me in his bed {even though we are in Florida at Wynni and JimPop's house}.

It was much more fun to watch him find his Valentine present this year though, as he is beginning to understand each holiday as well as the joy of giving {and receiving, of course!}

He enjoyed the cookie.

He enjoyed the toys and books.

But I think one of his favorite parts was reading the musical card.  That boy loves music and he loves to dance!  He has been playing with the card I gave him as well as the card his JimPop gave him {also musical} over and over again.

Happy Valentine's Day to My Funny Little Valentine!

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  1. That is one VERY cute Valentine you have there .. I hope he treated you to lot's of hugs and kisses :)


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