Sports Class

Today was Brody's first day of his ten-week-long "Sports Class" at our local community center.  Well, maybe I should clarify...Today was Brody's actual first day of Sports Class.

You see, I got him all pumped up last week about going to play ball with other kids his age at Sports Class, dressed him up in his athletic gear, took a picture of him before he left for his first day of Sports Class, and threw him in the car as quickly as I could so that we would not be late for his first class.
But, sadly, when we arrived there wasn't a small group of two-year-olds in gymnasium #2.  No, instead there was a large group of senior citizens in gymnasium #2 that were lined up to cast their votes.

One of the moms that happened to be there for her daughter's gymnastics class down the hall could see the distressed look on my face and asked if she could help.  After explaining what I was looking for, she politely informed me that Sports Class didn't begin until the following week.

Pregnancy Brain.

Poor Brody, oblivious to what was going on, questioned me as we walked back out to the car.

"I don't get to go to Sports Class?"

"I'm sorry, baby, Mommy was wrong.  Sports Class is not until next week. I promise we will come back next week so that you can play ball with the other kids your age in Sports Class."

And so we did.

We went to Sports Class today and Brody had a ball! {pun intended}

He swung at bubbles with a baseball bat, he raced the other kids across one side of the gym and back to the other {one of Brody's favorite parts of the class....and I must add that he seems to have his Daddy's runner genes}, he threw balls and bean bags as far as he could across the gym, he learned to catch a ball in a glove by chomping down on it like an alligator with his right hand once it was in the glove, he learned to run the bases in order, and he learned to hit the ball off of a tee {something his Daddy, JimPop, and Uncle Shane had previously taught him}.

Yes, he had a ball indeed!


  1. Glad he had a fun day. JimPop was tickled to get that call from him after his class!! I even heard JimPop bragging to Uncle Ricky on the phone tonight about his BrodyBoy and what he did at his first Sports Class. Wish you had posted some pics of him participating in his sports! Give him a big hug for me!

  2. This photo is pure tenderness and delicious.


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