{Crafting for} A Baby Sprinkle for Tara

A couple of weekends ago I had the honor of co-hosting a baby sprinkle for my sweet friend, Tara, at a local cafe known as The Fickle Pickle.  She is having a precious little boy in just over a month...her "June Bug."  She has already been blessed with a cute little girl who is turning two next month {and therefore has most of the baby essentials}, but we wanted to "sprinkle" her with all the things she will need for a baby boy.  Most of all, we just wanted her to know how much we love and adore her!

Tara with her hostesses {Mary, me, Robin, and Samantha}
We started everyone off with some delicious appetizers {fried pickles and homemade potato chips} before letting them select from one of the yummy pre-selected entrees.  I used my Cricut Expressions machine to make the banner that we hung behind the food table.  Tara's last name is Musselman, so it was easy to play on her last name and celebrate the "Lil' Mussel-Man."

After fattening everyone up a bit {which wasn't hard since half the party was preggers}, we turned our attention to the entertainment: Baby Jeopardy.  Samantha found this link for the game on Pinterest and hit me up to make the board with my Cricut.  It took some time and patience {mainly because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing} but I think it was worth the effort since everyone seemed to have a lot of fun...which isn't always the case with baby shower games! ;)

Robin made this cute diaper cake for Tara with a special surprise in the middle for the mommy-to-be. {I'd tell you what it was, but then I'd have to kill ya!}  And Samantha had a co-worker make a sign for Baby Jordan's nursery {to be completed with the date, weight, and length when the time comes}.

Tara has to be, by far, the cutest gift opener I have ever seen!  I took so many photos of her opening her gifts, and let me tell you they were some of the most adorable reactions I have ever caught on camera {or even witnessed at a baby/bridal shower}.  It helped that everyone was loading her up with all the smocks, day gowns, and shortalls a momma could ever want for her boy.  Well, not this momma, but Tara sure loves them! Give me jeans and polos for my boy over a day gown any day! :)

After hours of fun, we had to wrap it up and send everyone packing with these "Ready to Pop" favor bags.  Mary made the flavored popcorn, and I used my Cricut once again to make the tags.  Since Tara will be induced, we had the advantage of knowing her exact due date {unless God chooses to override that date, of course!}

I had the camera in hand to make sure Tara had a photo with each and every guest in attendance before they left the party.  My favorite group of guests were these girls though...my small group girls. I love them dearly!

With Tara's shower behind us, I have one shower down and two more to host this summer. Lots of babies are coming soon!...and we are all rooting for one more sweet friend to complete the set. :)

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  1. awwww all of you with your baby bumps are adorable! :) how wonderful to have such great dear friends to share this time with! :) An adorable "sprinkle" for sure! :)

  2. I love this entry! Such great photos and such sweet, amazing friends. Aren't we lucky? I love you x 1000!

  3. Look at all those beautiful pregnant ladies!! How fun! :) Must be something in the water. ;)

  4. SO sweet! I have shared many pregnancy's with my friends and really enjoyed watching our children grow up together. My SIL was due a few weeks from when my Jonathan was due. I will watch her little boy grow up an be able to see what Jonathan would be doing, bittersweet. You and your girlfriends are so very cute, and blessed to have each other!

  5. What a great looking party, you're all just glowing! Congrats to you!


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