The Easter Bunny Forgot to Flush!

I hope y'all had a very memorable Easter.  We certainly did!

Brody met the Easter Bunny for the first time last weekend.  He didn't cry like many kids often do...instead, he high-fived the Easter Bunny and jumped right on his lap.

It sounds silly, but that moment made Jonathan and I very proud.  What a cool kid!

I wanted him to meet the Easter Bunny so that he would have an idea of what I meant when I told him the Easter Bunny was coming to visit to leave him some goodies in his basket.

I think he got the idea...which may be why he was slightly perplexed when he found bunny tracks in our hallway this past Sunday.  Last year, he was overly thrilled to find the bunny tracks in his house.  But this year, after meeting the gigantic bunny the previous weekend, he was a little surprised the bunny had actually been inside his house.

After examining the tracks from a healthy distance, he cautiously followed the trail which lead him to the bathroom.

It was in the bathroom that he discovered the Easter Bunny had "pooped" jelly beans in the potty {and forgot to flush!}

We giggled about that silly bunny before following his tracks through the rest of the hallway.  Then suddenly, the tracks disappeared and there sat Brody's basket...full of goodies just for B. Boy!

Brody ripped through the basket in a hurry this year {quite the opposite of last year}, getting more and more excited with each item that he found.  There were Bunny Grahams, Bunny Gummies, and Bunny Marshmallows.  Once he found all the edible treats, he was thrilled to find "The Lion King" and "Despicable Me" DVD's as well as a sing-a-long CD for the car.  There was, of course, a new tiny car for Brody to play with as well {as if he needs any more!}.  My personal favorites were the "What is Easter?" book {which explains the true meaning of Easter} and the water balloons that we plan to use as soon as the weather is warm enough!

We let him enjoy his candy and toys for a little while before it was time to take a nap.  Thankfully, he was able to settle down and get some good rest because when he woke up he discovered something else the Easter Bunny had left behind...

Eggs were hiding all over our backyard!  Brody ran in circles trying to find each one, and with the help of his Daddy he was able to collect them all.  He even found the egg that the silly bunny left on Brody's slide.  Had the funny bunny been playing on his slide too?  After taking a poo in our potty?!?!


  1. SO sweet your little guy is so precious, great pictures!

  2. Sooo cute! Glad you had a great day!

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  4. I thought about him all day Easter and wishing I was there to enjoy the time with him as he hunted for Easter eggs! He was so cute showing us what all the Easter bunny left him in his basket when we Skyped later that day!! I just love his enthusiasm and excitement about everything! And then to hear him sing songs from the Lion King was the topping on the cake!! Love that boy to death!

  5. Super Easter in your house wish I was there, I want to see the bunny poop jelly beans and see his footprints. Such a creative mama :)

  6. That beautiful portraits, have a face of great happiness. Very handsome.

  7. So glad Brody had a good Easter Sunday! I love the picture of him standing by his Easter basket!


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