Oh Snap!shots of the Week {27}

Happily Mother After
If this is your first time linking up you can check out the details about this party here.

Last week's "people's choice" favorite was definitely a winner!  When you take a picture of a cutie patootie, it's hard to go wrong! Little Stew is quite the Little Stud in this photo. :)
Maybe we should make Stew our Oh Snap! mascot..."We want YOU to link up your photos!"
Photography by Allie at A Couple. A Dog. A Baby. Their Blog.

"Allie, we want YOU to have this badge!" :)
Happily Mother After

My favorite photo from last week was this simply chic Easter snapshot.  Kristy always takes beautiful photos of everyday objects around her house.  Her photos always inspire me to redecorate...just wish I actually took the time to!  She even teaches you how to edit your own photos. Her blog is a "must stop by" if you ask me.
Photography by Kristy at Life-n-Reflection

Kristy, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

This week I wanted to feature one more Easter photo.  Kimberly's neighbor did something very similar to what we did for Brody on Easter Sunday {but it seems as if the Bunny didn't poop in their potty like he did ours!}.  Her neighbor made Bunny tracks like we did, but they were made with flour instead of baby powder, a stencil instead of a hand, and the tracks were found outside instead of inside their house.  Just wanted to share the link in case you felt inspired to make the Easter Bunny come alive in your home next year! :)
Photography by Kimberly at Making Pinterest My Reality

Kimberly, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

My favorite picture of the week is this sweet little candid of my favorite little man high-fiving the Easter Bunny.  You can read more about our memorable Easter with the Bunny who didn't flush the potty {here}.



  1. Lovin' that bunny high 5, Lauren!

    P.S. I had know idea you were so close to me. (We're in Marietta.) Always cool to know other GA bloggers! :)

  2. adorable picks this week, love all the Easter shots. I also adore Life-n-Reflection's shots, they are amazing!

  3. Awesome shots everyone! Keep them coming. I love checking out to see who got picked!

  4. I love this site. If we keep our photos on a blog page, is there a way to add multiples? It keeps telling me the address has already been used since I submitted a photo already.

    Thanks so much.

  5. I really love these delicious and tender pictures, happy portraits.


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