Welcome to the World, Tinley!

Today my SIL, my BFFL, my Seesta gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl...
Tinley Anne!  
She was 6lb,9oz and 19 1/4 inches of pure perfection. I would love to share a picture with all of you, but since she is not mine to share with the world I will resist the incredible urge.  I can, however, share the funny little moment Brody and I had over her birth today.

I received a picture text of sweet little Tinley this morning and immediately called Brody over to take a look at his newest cousin.

"Look, Brody, Aunt Jessi had Baby Tinley today!"

"OOOOOhhh!!!" He exclaimed before a puzzled look took over his face.  "The baby came out of your belly today?"

"No, Brody, this is Tinley and she came out of Aunt Jessi's belly."

Brody continued to stare at the photo for a few moments before he noticed that I was crying uncontrollably.

"Are you sad, Mommy?"

"No, Brody, I'm not sad. I'm really happy!"

"Oh."  He said with a quiet curiosity as he continued to assess the situation.

When I proceeded to cry {let's just blame it on the hormones}, Brody once again asked me "Are you sad, Mommy?"

"No, Brody," I stated once again. "I'm not sad at all. I'm happy. I'm crying because I am so happy."

This exact conversation continued for a few more rounds before Brody finally broke the cycle with another one of his questions.

"Mommy, is Baby Girl coming today too?"

I couldn't help but chuckle.  "No, Brody, Baby Girl is not coming today.  She won't be here for a few more months."

Needless to say, Brody's confusion levels were through the roof today.  But you can't really blame him. His aunt, whom he has seen from beginning to end of her pregnancy, just had a baby come out of her belly.  His mommy, whose belly he has also seen grow in exponential proportions, has been hanging around several friends who also have babies in their bellies.  At this point, he thinks every girl has a baby in her belly.  Sometimes he even thinks he has a baby in his belly!  Yesterday was one of those occasions.

Baby Girl was kicking harder than usual so I took the opportunity to let Brody try to feel her little kicks in my belly.  I took his hand and placed it over where, I can only imagine, Baby Girl was taking a kick-boxing class.  We sat there for a couple of minutes as he enjoyed feeling his little sister kick his sweet, big brother hand.  Then he took his hand off my belly and turned his head to look at me as he asked, "Do you wanna feel my baby kick in my belly now?"

"No, silly boy, you don't have a baby in your belly!"


I live for moments like these!



  1. such a sweet story! so funny because my last post was titled "welcome to the world" also! one of my best friends just had an adorable baby boy!

  2. oh welcome to the world Tinely!!
    A fun post.. congrats and good luck with your pregnancy too!
    I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.

  3. That is so cute Lauren! And I must have missed the gender announcement - congrats on your baby girl!

  4. cute story
    Stopping in with the Happiness Is Hop =)


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