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As a Mom-to-Mom Blogger for Children's Heathcare of Atlanta {CHOA}, I was invited to attend the 10th Annual Kauffman Tire Spring Classic last Tuesday night at Turner Field.  The annual fundraiser is one of CHOA's highest grossing fundraisers and one of the largest attended college baseball games each year as it features two of college baseball's top programs and state rivals.  The proceeds from the event benefit the pediatric research of Children's Neuroscience Department. As many of you know, that's where my heart is....pediatrics, and specifically pediatric neuroscience. So when my family was invited to attend the event, it was a no-brainer for me!

The game began with this little rookie's opening pitch to one of UGA's catchers.

Then the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets went head-to-head with the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Although the hubs and I grew up in Florida, we pulled for Tech since my dad is a GA Tech alumni.  We go against most of the grain in our circle of friends up here in Georgia, but what can say? It's in my blood.  I've been persuaded to cheer for the Yellow Jackets from a very young age.  {Case in point: This Olan Mills picture sporting my Tech attire from back in the day...fully accessorized with a crimped side-ponytail that's held in place with a scrunchie and accompanied by Keds with the oh-so-cool slouched socks.} 

But I digress.

I like to think that even though the odds were against the Jackets beating the Dawgs {Tech had only won 2 of the 9 previous Kauffman Spring Classics} that my presence had something to do with their success last week.  Tech pulled it out with a 4-3 win over UGA. Go Jackets!

It certainly was a memorable night for Tech as Mott Hyde hit a homer in the seventh inning, giving Tech the 3-2 lead.  But for Jonathan and I, one special but brief moment during the game will forever be engraved in our minds.  

Jonathan and I were in deep conversation when I spotted my favorite little man on the big screen.  I got excited and pointed it out to Brody, thinking he would be thrilled too.  Nope, he was far from happy to see himself on display for all the baseball fans.  He got a serious look on his face and held his head down in embarrassment for at least five minutes after the incident.  It was both hysterical and shocking. I would have never guessed that our little entertainer would be so shy in front of thousands of people!

Just when you think you know your {almost} 3 year-old...

You {ahem, Dad} can read about the actual game in more detail here.


  1. Aw bless him getting all shy, that's so cute .. By the way I don't understand sports so when your saying about the score ... ye I'm clueless to any of that part lol x x x

  2. Cool post, Pum'kin....sorry, that I'm just now getting to read it. Mom had filled me in on BrodyBoy's shy moment...that was indeed unexpected...but she somehow failed to let me know that GT beat UGA. Sounds like a perfect outing for you 3....glad you got to go, especially for a cause so close to your heart. Did Brody seem to enjoy the game even more, now that he's been learning the rules of baseball? I wish I could have been there with you guys!!! And btw, nice cheerleader part about it is the absence of the color red, don't you think? Love ya bunches, Dad.


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