Oh Snap!shots of the Week {33}

Happily Mother After
If this is your first time linking up you can check out the details about this party here.
Last week's "people's choice" favorite was this not-so-ordinary perspective of an otherwise ordinary flower.  As I know that many of you have figured out already, Jaymi is an amazing photographer with a wide variety of subject matter in her photos each week.  This isn't her first Oh Snap! badge and it probably won't be her last.  I think we all love her work!
Photography by Jaymi at Live, Love, Travel

Jaymi, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

My favorite photo from last week's party is this Gorgeous {yes, with a capital "G"} purple sunset taken by a newbie here at the party. I love the color, the lighting, the reflections, the pier, the bird... It's all perfect!
Photography by Mrs. Pedersen at Mrs. Southern Bride

Mrs. Pedersen, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

Lastly, I have to feature another beautiful flower photo from last week.  I just love the color.  Does anyone else find themselves drawn to a specific color for a few months only to find another color and fall in love with it for a few months?  Maybe I'm just weird.  Well, coral is my color right now and this photo was screaming "feature me" when I saw it. :)
Photography by Czjai at The Rebel Sweetheart

Czjai, this badge is for you!
Happily Mother After

As for my personal favorite photo this week?  It's a toss up between two photos...so I made a collage and called it my favorite photo! :) 
We spent Brody's actual birthday at the pool with friends.  Brody and his friend, Grace, spent a few moments hugging it out so I took about two dozen photos of the two of them in less than a minute.  If I could share the whole set with you I would because when you see the photos in sequence it's quite hilarious.  It's like watching a couple in love at the pool {well, that or a photo shoot for an expensive cologne}.  But shhh!...don't tell Grace's daddy.  He might not let Brody hang out with Miss Grace again! :)


  1. aww thanks for featuring my flower photo!!!
    And I'm just in love with that purple sunset shot!
    And the shots of your little ones are just adorable!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Lauren!
    I am so thrilled and honored to be featured! <3

  3. WONDERFUL picks!!! Each one id simply stunning... AND your kiddos are too stink A-dorable! Love the collage.

  4. Interesting proposal, I really like this much this flower in B & W. Beautiful photos.


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