The Versatile Blogger Award

A special thanks to Becky from Finding My Creativity for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award!!! I'm honored you thought of me and my blog, and I'm so thankful you are a follower of Happily Mother After! :)

In return, I'm nominating the following 15 blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award:
{some are new faves, some I've followed since I began blogging...but ALL are awesome blogs!}

I'm not a fan of picking faves, so if you weren't on the list please don't be mad at me! There are many more blogs out there that I think are fantastic and truly enjoy reading. :)

Lastly, as a winner of the award, I am required to give seven random facts about myself:
  1. I don't enjoy coming up with random facts about myself. I have never been good at self-reflection and therefore have a hard time coming up factoids about moi. 
  2. I grew up with two older brothers so I find it easier to communicate via sarcasm and feel most comfortable with someone when we can "pick on" each other {in love and with respect, of course}.
  3. If I had one do-over from my childhood it would be to never quit dance lessons.  When the company I danced for fell apart I didn't look for another company to continue dancing with.  Big mistake. :(
  4. I met my husband in the 4th grade, had a crush on him by the 6th grade, began flirting with him in the 8th grade, started "going-out" with him in the 9th grade, dated him throughout high school and college, and married him less than five months after college graduation.
  5. I went to college/grad school for seven years, accumulated a hefty grad school loan, got my doctorate, worked for less than a year, then quit to be a full-time SAHM.  *sigh*  But I truly love being a SAHM. I would not want to be doing anything else!
  6. I'm a recovering perfectionist and will do that to you. After a few months of listening to everyone tell me, "forget cleaning the house and enjoy your baby," I finally began listening.  My house hasn't been the same since. *huge sigh*
  7. I can't pop my ears or blow my nose.  This becomes a problem when I'm on an airplane or have a bad cold...but I've learned to manage. {I'll spare you the details}


  1. Love the 7 facts about yourself! Congratulations on winning "The Versatile Blogger Award." You certainly deserve it because we think you are a phenomenal creative writer! Love you and proud of you!

  2. congrats on your award! and it is fun and interesting to read about fellow bloggers!

  3. Aw, thank you for the award! I love these things!

  4. I'm totally the same way about facts about myself! You can probably tell with the 7 facts I gave, some people are really good at that and I will read what they put and think "man, why couldn't I have thought about that" lol. Anyhoo, You deserved it and I enjoyed learning a little more about you!

  5. Awwww...thank you for nominating me!! So sweet!!


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