Brody's 3rd Birthday Celebration at Disney World

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that one of my favorite things to do is plan birthday parties for Brody.  I had so much fun planning B. Boy's first and second birthday parties that I created a ongoing birthday party linky on this blog several months ago in preparation for planning his third birthday party.

But, as my belly began to grow larger and larger each day, reality sunk in.  I knew I wasn't going to have the energy to put into his party as I had in years past.  I also knew that our time as a family of three was slowly fading and there weren't many more days left of sharing memories between just the three of us.  So, I made a tough decision and threw in the towel for Brody's 3rd Birthday Bash.  We decided instead to take him to Disney World for the first time {well, sort of} so that we could celebrate his last birthday as an only child at the happiest place on earth.

Instead of spreading out the experience over a series of days, Jonathan and I decided to pack it all into one incredibly long {but fun} day at the Magic Kingdom.  We woke up early on the morning of May 8th and headed to the park before it opened so that we didn't miss a second.

After we drove up to the gates and paid for parking, this became my facebook status update:
"I'm a hormonal mess!! I started crying after we paid for the parking at Disney because I was so excited for Brody! Can't wait to see how much he enjoys the happiest place on earth. :)"
I just knew it was going to be a special day for all of us.  Jonathan and I grew up only 45 minutes from Disney World, so we took it for granted as children.  I never really cared much for Disney and didn't understand the excitement that everyone up here in Georgia {and even many people in Florida} feel about this theme park.  But as I held hands with my precious little man and escorted him into the park I felt the excitement bursting from every cell of my body. THIS was what Disney was all about...seeing the magic through your child's eyes!

Every little part of the day was an adventure...even the tram ride into the park.

The first thing Brody spotted as we entered the park was the old train station.  He just had to ride the train! I'm pretty sure he would have been content to ride the train the entire day, but we assured him there were better things to do if he just got off and explored a little.

After I insisted we get the traditional photo as a family in front of the castle {which became a 20 minute ordeal}, we came across the Monster's Inc Comedy Show and quickly ran inside to get some cool air.  Though entertaining enough to keep Brody's attention, the show was a bit over his head.  Jonathan and I, on the other hand, thought it was the best attraction of the day.  I guess that's because we are so old and boring and would rather sit in an air conditioned room to watch a show rather than stand in line for half an hour to ride a two-minute ride.

But I digress...

It wasn't long after the show that Brody spotted Buzz Lightyear.  From the moment he laid eyes on Buzz, he couldn't turn away.  We waited with Brody in a very long line to meet him.  It almost killed Jonathan but Brody was patient as he stared at his hero with a quiet, star-stuck look in his eyes.  When it was finally his turn, you would have thought Brody was too cool for Buzz.  He acted as if he thought it was no big deal, like he didn't care much for the Toy Story character.

But as we walked away from Buzz Lightyear, the tears began to flood from B. Boy's once star-struck eyes and you could see how heart-broken he was that he couldn't hang out with his new friend for the rest of the afternoon.

Thankfully, it wasn't long after leaving Buzz that we found the speedway and were able to divert Brody's attention to the race cars.

Although the race cars helped us to quickly get over meltdown #1 of the day, we soon realized that all we did was create meltdown #2 when he had to get out of the car.

It was that moment that we decided it was time to have a talk with Brody and explain to him how things worked at the Magic Kingdom.  We were able to calm him down by assuring him that after we rode all the rides there were for him to ride then we would let him pick his favorite ones of the day to ride a second time.  Thankfully, his sweet little mind was able to understand and he was once again a happy little guy!

By the time we finished taking Brody to ride all the rides he was big enough to get on, a storm was on the horizon.  We raced back to the speedway.  We knew we couldn't promise Brody another ride in the race car and not deliver.   So, as a refreshing breeze came over the park, we hurried to get Brody and Jonathan back in a race car for one more thrill ride around the track.

By that time we had been at the park for over 8 hours and our dogs were barking!  We decided to take a nice relaxing ride on the people-mover.  It was at that point that Jonathan and I were beyond thankful for our son.  Even though it is probably the least exciting of all the rides at the Magic Kingdom, Brody found the joy in it while we propped up our feet and relaxed.

After three times around on the people-mover, Jonathan and I decided we should stop being selfish and get back to making the rounds on Brody's top-choice rides.  We made it back to the Buzz Lightyear ride just in time for the storms to move in.  By the time we finished shooting the aliens {or spiders as Brody referred to them} and winning the battle against Zurg, it was pouring outside.  So Brody hung out in jail with Zurg and several other kids as all of us parents huddled inside to keep dry.

Once the rain passed, it was time to get some dinner and prepare for the night's events.  Even though it had already been a twelve hour day, we knew we had to stay for the Mickey Parade and Fireworks Show.  After all, you haven't had the full Magic Kingdom experience without those two classic Disney memories.

Brody made it through the parade {even without a nap that day}, but as we waited for the fireworks to begin his little body couldn't take anymore excitement.  He passed out less than five minutes before the first firework went off, and he didn't flinch even once as the loud "booms" sounded right above his head.  He was out cold!

Since he had fallen asleep in his stroller, I thought it would be okay if I kept us there just a little while longer and shopped for some souvenirs.  As I was picking out some Disney cars for him and a baby Minnie mouse for his soon-to-be little sister, I spotted Jonathan and Brody across the store...

We had forgotten to strap Brody into the stoller!  But even so...he was still out cold! I quickly paid for the toys and we headed back to the hotel.

It was a full fifteen hour day that we will never forget!!!  I am so glad we decided to celebrate Brody's 3rd birthday at the Magic Kingdom.  We made priceless memories, just the three of us, and it brought Jonathan and I even closer together in a way I could never begin to explain.



  1. Oh so much fun and I am super duper jealous, Disney is my faveourite place in the world and I can't wait to take Josh when he's a little older.

    Come join my kids photo party today x x

  2. sweet! I'm glad y'all had a great time! Love the photos!

  3. I must be hormonal too b/c I started crying during your posts too! You guys are so cute! ♥

  4. New follower from Happiness is...HOP

    WOW you sure did have a BUSY day...loads of fun. the pix of the family with the castel is super--MY fav has to be him comming out of the stroller LOL

    GOOD TIMES!!!!


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