Nesting is an Understatement!

To say that I have been nesting would be a major understatement at this point.

Or maybe you might consider me a normal nester. I don't know. 

I didn't nest when I was pregnant with Brody. I was too busy trying to graduate with my Doctoral degree at the time. 

But now, whoa! Now I am in major nesting mode. 

Everything I look at needs to be cleaned, updated, or changed in some sort of way.  Paving the brick patio was just the beginning.  I have a list a mile long...and only 10 weeks {God willing} to complete the list.  

And on top of everything, I am trying to remember to enjoy my last couple of months as a mommy of one and cherish the time I have to sit on the floor and play with Brody...uninterrupted by a screaming baby.

I know I should probably ONLY play with him and enjoy these last couple of months, but something inside of me won't stop.  It won't stop keeping me awake at night making plans of building a toddler bed {rather than just buying one} or making a play kitchen {instead of just buying one} or painting every wall I can justify painting {rather than just leaving them the same color they have been for almost 7 years} or getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the life out of my hardwoods {rather than just mop them as usual}.  

Lowe's should thank us. We now know just about every employee at our local Lowe's.  We are in there every other day it seems.  

And my poor husband...well, he's a trooper. He is right there by my side, helping me with every silly project I "need" to do "right away."  And when he isn't helping me with the project itself, he is being sympathetic to every ache and pain I acquire from pushing the limit.  

No, nesting is not for the weak...neither "mommy" nor "daddy" can rest in the nest!

So what's the latest crazy idea?

Well, my dad was here just last week.  He happened to be driving down from Tennessee on his way back to Florida with a large moving truck full of equipment for his new business.  So, naturally, I took advantage of the situation and had my dad haul back some heirloom furniture to a storage unit in Florida. 

You see, we have had this "formal living room" since we moved into our townhouse over 6 years ago.  At the time, we had plenty of space to waste as it was just the two of us living here. But, as I stated in a previous post, we are realizing that we aren't going to be moving anywhere any time soon so we need to make do here...with not one, but two kids.  

To me, making do in our three bedroom townhouse means it's time to get rid of the formal living room furniture that I have had dreams of reupholstering with some classy but contemporary fabrics since the furniture was passed down to me and turning that room into a playroom.  It just makes more sense for our growing family right now.  

So, like I said, I had my dad haul it away to Florida to be stored for the time-being.  Which left me with an empty room...

...And a mind full of ideas on how to turn this room into a playroom.  

So I grabbed a paintbrush and began to paint the walls with a fresh coat of paint.  I chose Moonshine by Benjamin Moore which I had color-matched at Lowe's with their Olympic Premium Zero-VOC paint to save a little dough. 

I am beyond happy with my color choice which is a HUGE deal because I have never picked out a paint color that I still liked once it was on the walls.  I can't stop staring at these walls though. They are the perfect shade of light gray and they will go beautifully with the rest of my visions for the new playroom.  

But you'll have to hang around to see the rest of the room unfold because I've still got lots of work to do! 

...And one cute little man to entertain while I do it all as fast as I can!

Brody driving the moving truck around the neighborhood with his JimPop ;)


  1. Are you sure you're suppose to be... 1)up on a ladder painting near the ceiling (I know from experience about falling from a ladder, and I wasn't even pregnant) and 2)inhaling the paint fumes that linger a day or two after painting? I do like the color you painted the playroom wall. I can hardly wait to see the finished product! You're so creative.
    You didn't even talk about selling the guest bed to clear out the room so you can begin to set up a nursery for Baby Girl!!
    It just exhausts me when I think of everything you're trying to do! Hold on, I'll be there to help in a few weeks!
    Love you! ~Mom

  2. Girl, you need to call us!!! You need help! (possibly in more ways than one!) Love the paint color. Good work.

  3. I so get baby girl was born on Dec. 19th...only 4 days after putting on an addition that included a garage and three bedrooms...and turning 2 existing bedrooms into a playroom(including my husband walking down a wall!)....not to mention it was almost Christmas!!! Oh the crazy things those hormones make us want to do...


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