Our Maternity Session {32 weeks}

Things have really been crazy around here and I've totally abandoned ship. Oops!

But I realized the other day that I'd better at least get on here and post my maternity session pictures before Baby Girl makes her debut because once she does I know that  no one will be interested in the belly shots! :)  And since I am 38 weeks as of last Sunday, time is running out!

We had an amazing session with Katharine from Capturing Hope here in Atlanta about six weeks ago.  I could not be happier with how things turned out...especially for her unbeatable {seriously} prices!!! If you live in the North Atlanta area I would HIGHLY recommend using her.  I could go on and on, but I'd rather just show you some of my favorite photos from the session.

Warning: There are many photos to follow as it was hard to pick favorites.  Katharine gave us not one, but two CDs full of photos from our time together!  I did my best to narrow them down...

A very special THANK YOU to Katharine from...

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  1. LOVE them all!!! You are one beautiful Momma!

  2. Lauren, I really enjoyed viewing your maternity pics.....loved too many to choose just one. First of all, Katharine must be a magician to get that many natural smiles & great expressions from Brody. As beautiful as you looked in the pics, I found myself riveted on Brody....he seemed to really enjoy the photo experience...very nice touch with the "house in Mommy's tummy book reading" and the "100,000 baby names" shots. I'm sure those activities, along with the great setting - how can a 3 year old not like a fence to climb - had much to do with Brody's great pics. I was also impressed with how well Jonathan behaved.....he seemed to be on board the experience...very proud of you Jon. Pum'kin, I'm sure I've told you before, but it is hard to believe how great you look in your 38th week....I have to say that you wear Baby Girl well...not sure how you manage to carry that "house" around so fashionably and elegantly. I'm really proud of you and Jonathan...especially for how well you have integrated Brody into the whole Baby Sister experience....he seems to really be looking forward to meeting and playing with her, just as we all are! Love you ALL more than mostest!!! jimPop

  3. How cute! I didn't do maternity pictures with my child because I felt like I looked like a huge blob. I regret it. I love the family part of it though, last pictures as a family of three =) I found your blog via Wordless Wednesday party and I'm your newest follower! Check out my blog if you get a chance!

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  4. Wonderful Maternity pics!!


  5. OMG what a cute little family! They're all so stylish! Great pics!

  6. Oh my!!!!! These are soooooo precious! I can see why you would be having a hard time. I LOVE your outfit. You are one cute little mama. Congrats!

  7. They're adorable!!! And congratulations :)

  8. This looks like it was a fun session! Love some of the creative posing! In love with the ones where they are holding hands but looking in opposite directions! Also love the one of them pointing to the name and of their little one using the stethaoscope! Great shots!

  9. these are so beautiful! love them!

  10. I LOVE these!! Gorgeous!! You look so awesome.

  11. what a beautiful session!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous shots of a gorgeous family!

  13. Lauren,

    I am just now seeing these gorgeous photos of you all... they are precious! Congratulations on your beautiful little miracle. She is such an angel, and we cannot wait to give her love!

    Love you all,

  14. This is a beautiful maternity shoot!

  15. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog! can't wait to keep following along! these pictures are stunning!

    stop by sometime!

  16. These photos are gorgeous. My littlest baby is 9 weeks old and this is so making me wish I'd done a proper maternity shoot.

    I found your blog in someone else's sidebar but I'm now your newest follower. X

  17. these are absolutely beautiful pictures.

  18. I love all of your family photoes. They are amazing! It was lovely to find your blog :)

  19. Oh lovely pictures you’ve got in there and your kid is going to be really happy after meeting his first partner.

  20. I’ll be looking forward for the pictures and I wish you a good luck.

  21. WOW! Your family is so adorable. I hope, you blessed with the cute baby once gain.

  22. LOVEEEE Amazing photos:)

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  23. What a lovely pictures you’ve got, and your kid is going to be really happy after meeting his first partner. :)


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