Vanessa's Baby Shower

One of my besties is having her baby tomorrow morning!!! I'm beyond excited for my dear childhood friend, Vanessa. Side note: she hates when I call her a childhood friend because she says we didn't stop being friends now that we are adults. That's a given, in my opinion, so I still call her my childhood friend. It implies a deeper bond, right?! 

If you know me {or read my blog enough}, you know that as soon as I heard she was pregnant my mind immediately began planning her baby shower.  I have thrown many showers for friends over the years and have truly enjoyed each and every one....but this one I enjoyed on an entirely different level.  This was, by far, the most heart I have ever poured into a shower.  I shed many tears as I planned and prepared for this special event.

You see, Vanessa and her hubby waited over eight years for this precious little girl that is making her arrival in just a few short hours! {Pause, and scream joyfully with me here!}  This couple has an incredible heart for children and has been such a sweet blessing in my own children's lives.  I watched them with Brody and Adelyn over the years and my heart just ached for them to experience the joy of their own children.  I prayed many, many times that God would bless them with a child; and, praise the Lord, Elliana Grace is almost here!!! 

But, their story is not mine to tell, so if you'd like to know more about this one-of-a-kind couple check out Vanessa's blog, Daily Delivered.   What I will share with you is some pictures from the shower I threw for her with the help of my mom and two other friends.  I couldn't have pulled it off without those girls!

Our main focal point and where Vanessa opened all of her baby gifts.

Simple flower arrangements in mason jars with vinyl pregnant silhouettes
were sitting on baby-themed books to create a centerpiece for each table.

I made the backdrop for the beverage table from three different sheer curtains that
I cut into 6" {ish} strips and hung on a spring rod with fishing line from the porch ceiling.

Water bottle labels created by Gaia Design Studios and printed by one of the co-hosts {my sweet mom}.

The guest of honor.

The yummy food spread was provided by Christy, one of the co-hosts.

This sign was ordered through Gaia Design Studios.

Elliana's very own ELLIphant on top of her diaper cake.

Nail polish for all the guests in various shades of pink and glitter. Sign created by Gaia Design Studios.

All the guests signed a framed copy of the baby shower invite.

Vanessa, what can I say except I love you and I am praying that all goes well tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to snuggle my little ELLIphant! :) See you soon, Momma!!!

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  1. Hope you had a great time. I love the diaper cake.

  2. What a beautiful shower! I love the nail polish favor idea.

  3. I haven't read your blog before, but you MUST plan parties professionally! It looks so beautiful. I also love the name they picked for their daughter.

    hi from PYHO

  4. Beautiful baby shower!! How every exciting for your friend!! Congrats to her! And as a mom of 3 boy (the youngest just 9 weeks) man I'm jealous of her soon to be girl! :)


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