A Father's Day Video Card from the Littles

For Father's Day this year, the kids and I made a special video card for Jonathan. Since Brody is only 5 years old and Adelyn is not quite 2 years old, I figured this would be a much better way to tell Jonathan how much the kids love him than buying a card and signing it from them. I think we nailed it too because he was tearing up while he watched it and then asked us to replay it. Success! It's looking like we have a new tradition. :) 
And speaking of new traditions, I haven't shared the adorable new Mother's Day tradition that Jonathan started for me this year. He purchased a beautiful, handmade journal from our Fair Trade Market at church and had each of the kids design their own page for me. This way, instead of cards that are sure to get lost in the mix, I will have a journal with all of their Mother's Day messages compiled together throughout the years! I love how I will be able to see their writings and drawings change over the years to come. What a special present! 


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