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RUSHING! I'm always rushing.

And I've always been everything. No matter how hard I try, I cannot be on time. Something always happens and I end up strolling running in after everyone else has arrived and settled in.  I was late even before I had kids, but now that I have kids...oh my!  It's so bad that anyone who truly knows me, knows to tell me to be somewhere 15 minutes earlier than they actually want me there...and they laugh as they watch me running in, still late and frazzled.

Can anyone relate? Am I alone in this?

I have a strong feeling I am not alone.

For me, it's a matter of trying to cram everything I possibly can into my day.  If I find I'm running ahead of schedule, instead of just leaving early I will try to fit one more thing in before I leave...which ends up making me late. I've known this about myself for a long time now.

My husband has known this about me for even longer. He is always telling me to prioritize my "to-do" list {which is actually funny, coming from him} and allot realistic time into my schedule.  I've always brushed off his advice, arguing that I am making the most of my time by getting as much done on my "to do" list as I possibly can.

Pushing the limits. That's what I do.

That is, until it finally occurred to me that the reason I keep stressing out and yelling at my kids {and regretting it later} is because I'm rushed for time...ALL THE TIME. Kids don't hustle. No matter how much I want them to hustle they won't. Instead, they can't find their shoes. They don't want to brush their teeth. The toddler who refuses to potty train has decided to soil her diaper right before it's time to go.  They just look at me with glazed eyes when I tell them we are going to be late. Time is a foreign concept to them.

So I've learned I can't depend on them to jump on board with my overwhelmed schedule. They aren't going to rush when I say we are late.  No, quite the opposite. They are going to slow down the pace and watch with their "deer caught in the headlight" eyes as I explode.  I have to allot time for their shenanigans, for their missing shoes, for the not-so-convenient dirty diapers, for the temper tantrums...

And you know what I've found? We aren't as stressed. We laugh more. We connect more. They don't resist leaving the house as much. They can find their shoes when I'm not yelling like a drill sergeant. The temper tantrums? They still happen, but I can calmly divert attention to something else as we walk out of the house...with smiles on our faces.

Am I always on time now? Yeah, right.

But, we are working on it.


  1. Ah... you speak the heart of MANY moms out there, including me! There is nothing more stressful than that urgent 'hurry' and 'rushing' we try to push in our lives. I am getting better at that ever- elusive balance! Glad you are too!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and letting me know I'm not alone! I think there are many of us out there..especially these days! I hope we all learn to slow down and de-clutter our schedules! Glad to hear you're working on it too, Chris!

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