The fashion trends have changed incredibly over the past few years. There is a wide selection of styles, fabrics, colors and shoes. To top it all up, there is an increased demand in the trendiest clothes across all age brackets. However, there is an ever-growing change in kids clothing, the styles are changing more rapidly than you can keep up. Kids are now dressing in a trendier manner than their parents are. It is important to note that the changes in the way of dressing are exposing your kids to more varieties of styles and honestly some are not the best. The question is how do you keep your daughter trendy and modest?

Start by good fabrics like cotton, polyester, wool and nylon. These fabrics do not make your daughter look older than they really are and they represent modesty. If you choose fabrics like silk, make sure they are few and worn on specific occasions. Dresses with flowers and bright colors also make a good fashion statement. Try going for sleeveless clothes, especially in the summer, these help the body breathe and make a fun look. The main aim of choosing presentable clothing is to not only help your daughter be confident but also maintain a modest look.

Denim is a great fabric to use. It is versatile and appropriate for any age. Your daughter would look fabulous in a pair of denim jeans and simple t-shirt to complete her look. It is important to keep in mind that your child’s dressing tells a lot about her values and background. Another important factor involving your daughter’s fashion is her body changes. You need to choose apparel that will make her comfortable with her body changes. These changes vary from person to person, but the universal rule is comfort and looking her age.

When choosing fashion for your daughter, avoid skimpy outfits. Avoid short skirts and dresses, small tops and tight inappropriate bottoms. There is nothing good about young daughter dressing inappropriately and out of place. Ensure that your child understands modesty from a young age and every piece of clothing you choose must bring out neatness and modesty. If she wears a short skirt, make sure she wears a pair of leggings or a pair of endearing jeans. Clothes that fit too tightly can bring negative attention to your child. The outcome is usually unpleasant and thoroughly embarrasses you as a parent. Shoes are an integral part of fashion. Avoid high heel shoes and shoes with exaggerated styles. Instead, choose a pair of flat sandals, low wedges, low boots or canvas shoes. These shoes are appropriate for that age and are very trendy with any outfit of your choosing.

fashionMake-up goes hand in hand with fashion. Your child should avoid make up because she is naturally beautiful. This will help her appreciate herself much better and will not need to look for cosmetics even as she grows older. How your daughter looks says a lot about what she feels and how she looks at herself. Girls are very sensitive and it is important to build their confidence through their dressing. Ensure that you teach them modest dressing is also an expression of confidence and they do not have to dress inappropriately to boost self-esteem or bring attention on themselves. Picking fashion for your ten-year-old daughter is a delicate and important process of her life.

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