They say Christmas is all about giving but you have pretty much given all of your efforts at work all year round! It’s time to give them something else; it’s time to give them joy through your smile and that glistening face! You are going to walk around with that spirit at the office Christmas party!

You won't need expensive dresses, or an artist to apply foundation using an expensive airbrush makeup kit, you just need some patience and time.

Bright Christmas!

It’s time to choose what to wear! We all know that the Christmas colors are red, green, white and gold. If you want to follow the trend of the season then go ahead pick up one of those red dresses. But if you want to stand out after working so hard all year that you feel like you deserve to be noticed then let’s try out different colors.
Get yourself noticed by being modestly different. Choose an outfit with a cream or beige color. A dress could never go wrong but embroidered midi skirts are trendy as well, so go ahead and put them on. Pair it with a crop top! Accessorize with gold dangling earrings and a gold bangle. Do not wear a necklace; you do not want to over shine! The outerwear should be catchy! Think of fur jacket, printed kimono or printed jacquard coat. The color of your clutch bag should match the color of your coat or jacket.
Now that you have decided what to wear, lay it on your bed and get yourself all dolled up!

The Christmas Curls

It’s Christmas, it’s time for some big love! Have your 1’’ curling irons ready ‘cause you are going to get all loosened up!
First, spray heat protection all over your hair. Dry for about 2-3 minutes or blow dry. Plug in the curling iron. Divide your hair in two sides, left and right, then make small sections on each side and clip them up separately. Start on one side and from the back. Take one of the small sections and curl facing outward. Having your hair curled outward will highlight your face. Continue until all of the sections have been curled. Run through the curls using your fingers to loosen them. Once you are satisfied, secure the curls by spraying hairspray all over the hair.

Mistletoe and Me

The transmitter of how you feel inside, the face. The most important part of the Christmas look is your shimmering face. You want to channel that oozing Christmas spirit to your officemates and boss!

For this step of the process you’ll need to buy yourself a good set of makeup brushes, so you can apply makeup like a pro.

Do not get too anxious! Relax yourself and gently apply moisturizer on your face in outward strokes. Let it dry for about 2-3 minutes. Note that even if you have oily skin, you should still apply moisturizer before putting on makeup. Moisturizers not only moistures your skin but protects it as well. Look for a moisturizer made for oily skin. Brands such as Clean & Clear, Garnier and Clinique have them so pick which you like most.

Now that you have applied protection for your skin, apply foundation all over your face using the foundation brush. As Christmas is sparkly, use a liquid foundation for this special event. However if you have oily skin, look for a foundation with a mattifying formula or a foundation for oily skin. Checkout one of the foundations from Maybelline, Revlon, Make Up For Ever or Estee Lauder. It’s better to be safe than sorry! You want joy and gifts on Christmas and not breakouts! You won’t a foundation brush to apply foundation, you can also use a cheap sponge.

You want to walk around with that Christmas spirit without an ounce of stress visible on your face so take a concealer and tap or swipe small spots on your skin which needs to be hidden. Eye bags and scars are two things you want to hide. A tip in applying concealer on the eye bags, do not apply them simply under the eyes. Chin down and observe the dark line beneath your eyes, that’s where you need to apply the concealer. Blend the concealer using the concealer brush and chin up! You have survived the tasks this year, be proud!

The window to your soul, your eyebrows! NYX has a great eyebrow kit with stencils; get yourself one to perfectly shape your eyebrows!
You shimmer with your outfit but your eyes should be sparkling too! Grab your eye makeup kit and start by applying a base. Next, apply a white eye shadow thinly. Do not overdo it. Now, trace the liquid eyeliner on your upper lash line. Trace a dark brown or grey pencil eye liner under your lower lashes and blend using an eye shadow brush. Apply volumizing mascara on your upper eyelashes and just a little bit on your lower lashes. Finish by pressing a highlighter in the tear ducts area. If you do not have a highlighter with you, use a light colored eye shadow with shimmer.

The happiness of a person can be seen not just in their eyes but in their smile as well and you want to share that Christmas joy to your colleagues through your alluring and striking smile! Grab that luscious red lipstick and apply them to your lips! For fuller and well-defined lips, use a lip liner. Not everyone is talented in putting on lipstick but don’t worry because there’s a secret to that! Use your concealer brush and dab it into the foundation or concealer. Apply it all over the skin just outside the frame of your lips for a smudge free look!

Now put on your outfit and adore yourself in front of a full mirror. Spray some perfume on the pulse areas of your body and you are all set to have a great time at the Christmas party!

Wait, don’t forget the shoes! No Cinderella for the night! It’s not a fairytale, it is real life! Put on a gold platform barely there sandals and start walking around feeling like a diva!

Have yourself a memorable celebration with your beloved colleagues and make sure to spread the spirit of Christmas with joy and love through your positive presence!

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