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I am so excited to announce my new Christmas series beginning December 1st here at Happily Mother After.  Twelve Crafty Days of Christmas is all about introducing you to some of the most creative bloggers I have found throughout the blogosphere, so that each one of them can share a special Christmas creation they have made just to show each of you, my devoted followers!

 So hang out here at Happily Mother After each Monday through Friday, Dec 1-16, 2011. You don't want to miss it!!!

If this is your first time, here is what you've missed so far....
{click on the links above each photo to get the full scoop}

{Day 1} Burlap Snowman Wreath

{Day 2} Coffee Filter Snowman

{Day 3} CD Envelope Cookie Holders

{Day 4} Beaded Star Ornament

{Day 5} Burlap Embroidery Hoop Wreath

{Day 6} Kid's Reading Christmas Craft

{Day 7} Etched Glass Ornament

{Day 8} Fun Gift Idea for Children

{Day 9} Gingerbread House Applique Shirt

{Day 10} Christmas Pillow Cases

{Day 11} Snowman Pancake Breakfast

{Day 12} Edible Holiday Scenes

Thank you to the following guest bloggers:

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 http://sunnyvanilla.blogspot.com/ Photobucket


  1. Just saw you coffee filter snowman...OH MY GOSH...how adorable...I've made the white and the tan wreaths with the filters..aren't they amazing??

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